4 comments on “Fail to Prepare; Prepare to Fail?

  1. I am definitely the same, I like to have an outline, but I tend to go with the flow. I like letting things develop on their own, I find my writing to comes out stronger like that and my characters take on more individuality. But I guess that’s why everyone’s creative processes are different 😀 Great post!

    • I totally agree. I think some of the best subplots and supporting characters develop during the writing process if we let it all happen a bit more organically.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. I do a little bit of both. Like you I have tons of notebooks full of ideas, thoughts, etc… Sometimes I have to plan things down to what so and so’s grandmas dead dogs name was. But other times, like the novel I’m writing now, I shoot from the hip. I started the story from a free write without as much as a name for my lead. I think it all depends on the story and what kind of mood you’re in when you start.

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