6 comments on “The Light Bulb Moment

    • I’m definitely a big fan of using notebooks as well – much more reliable than my own memory! Plus I think writing ideas down is a great way of making yourself think about them which in turn makes it easier to expand on them.

      Thank you so much, that really means a lot. I’ve been loving your stuff too so I’m very flattered and glad you’ve been enjoying my ramblings! 😛

  1. Ideas come to me in a variety of different settings, and sometimes, at the most inopportune moments! I can be driving the car, midway through conversation, just about to settle into bed, processing information whilst doing my job (I’m an interpreter) – you name it! Inspiration can strike, as you said, by overhearing a simple conversation, or because of something I’ve seen on television, an experience in my own life. You get the picture.

    A few years ago I lost a close friend in unusual circumstances. I hadn’t seen him for many years and yet I felt his loss as though we had never been apart. I knew I had to do something to honour him, and the only way I knew how was to write. I therefore wrote him a story, changing the details but keeping the essence.

    I could go on forever! But allow me to just say, I enjoyed your post. I actually stumbled upon it because of your nomination, and I’m glad I did.

    Take care

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and comment – It’s nice to hear that other people can be struck with ideas at equally as impractical and unexpected times as I can!

      It’s also lovely to hear that you were able to take something so devastating and use that emotion to create something positive. Well done and thanks again, I’m really glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Some of my best ideas come so unexpectedly too. I think that’s why they recommend to keep writing no matter what because you never know what you’ll end up with! 🙂 When I feel tapped out, I have no problem writing at a café and “borrowing” people’s conversations. If I’m out of ideas, someone nearby might say something truly inspiring–which is usually the boost I need to keep going. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for reading. I totally agree, sometimes a harmless bit of people watching is the best solution for writer’s block – What better to inspire human thoughts and emotions than real life examples? 🙂

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