7 comments on “Kindle Vs Books

  1. I’ve long been very, very staunchly anti-ebooks, personally because like many bookish folks I just love the feel and smell of a real book, and because it means a lot to be have / expand my own physical library of books, 640 and counting. Outside of that I think the e-book effect on driving down prices is going to make it harder for publishers to be sustainable (mostly smaller presses) and could have a big impact on how much writers can make from their work.

    All that said, I broke down and got a Kindle and use it in a complementary fashion, using it for when I want to grab some cheaper genre fiction books or Kindle Singles, while still buying mostly physical books when they’re books I know I want to see on my bookshelf for years to come.

    Nice post!

    • I totally agree. It may not be the most practical thing in the world in terms of saving space but I love being able to see a bookcase full of real books. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I finally broke down and got a Kindle about 2 years ago. I use it almost exclusively for borrowing books from my local library, and I’ll buy a book or two when I travel. But the great majority of my reading–and my book purchasing– is still done with “real books”. I love the look of them on my many bookcases, and I can’t imagine that anything will ever replace that!

    • Agreed. Kindles are great for convenience when travelling and so on but browsing a digital library doesn’t have the same charm as looking through a collection of physical books. Thanks for your input.

  3. I own a Nook, Kindle and Galaxy Note 10.1. I read ebooks on all of them, sometimes at different points of the same day. I think ereaders are great because they open access to soooo many books to a lot of people. It is easy for me to put a ereader into the hands of a child and have it filled with classics, when a box of books is not as practical.

    I also like the portability of ereaders. I take one with me where ever I go and can always have a book ready for me to read.

    With that said… I prefer physical books. I have a shelf full of my favorites and boxes of others. I can get lost for hours hunting used book stores and yard sales for treasures. I don’t think I will ever stop buying physical books.

    I think in the long run ereaders will benefit the writer and the reader beyond measurement. Ebook sales open the door for anyone to publish a story. The lower cost will open the door for more people to have access. Once publishers adjust their business model, many will survive the transition to the digital book age.

    Great topic, keep them coming.

    • That’s a very good point that e-readers are far more appealing to children these days than actual books; sad perhaps for traditionalists but I’d much rather people were reading digitally than not at all.

      As a self-published author I can also say that sales have been pretty even in terms of physical and digital copies of my novella – so even just from my own experience, there is no denying that the appeal and market for both is still very much alive.

      Thanks for your comment.

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